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RedChina 赤色中國網是專注於中國政經社會情勢的平台。我們希望提供更多關於中國多元的資訊和評論,讓所有的華人搜尋。


About Red China 

Red China Network is a platform focused on political, economic and social trends in China. We hope to provide diverse information and commentary about China affairs, available to a global Chinese audience.

Red China Network firmly believes that democracy, freedom, and human rights are universal values, and we have the responsibility to adhere to and promote them.This universal value. It is a pity that most Chinese and ethnic minorities in China live under the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party and are restricted or even deprived of these rights. Red China.com will translate reports on China from other countries in the world and provide Taiwanese and other people in the world using Chinese. People will get more information about China.